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Our Chef

Erica Mahlkuch, owner and Executive Chef of Yum Yum Restaurant Group since its inception, began her culinary career at the age of sixteen at Caffe Bocce in Charlottesville, Virginia, as understudy to Chef Miller. Erica advanced to running Caffe Bocce for Ms. Miller and subsequently expanded her culinary repetoire, working in a variety of kitchens throughout the south and in Florida. Erica then reunited with Chef Miller to open Sabroso in Rhinebeck, NY, a restaurant which featured Iberian, Caribbean and South American cuisine.  Erica continued as co-owner and chef at Sabroso until Yum Yum opened its doors in 2010.  Since then, Erica’s cooking has received many accolades, including her triumphant win of the Food Network’s popular “Cutthroat Kitchen” (Season 3, Episode 6, 2014).

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